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Vegan cork protective glasses case

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Refined craftsmanship meets modern fashion in order to safely store your favorite shades. Specifically designed for an active lifestyle on the go with its reinforced outer shell made of natural cork. This hard case was built to last, ensuring your glasses are protected and scratch-free. It is the perfect everyday companion for anyone who is protective over their favorite pair of sunglasses.




  • Fits the majority of glasses on the market
  • Hand-stitched for assured strength and durability
  • Snap closure
  • Soft lining fabric


  • 7.0'' L x 3.0'' W x 2.0'' H
  • Weight: 0.090 lbs

Cork + Sustainability: 

  • Cork is vegan, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof, lightweight, durable, biodegradable and recyclable
  • Since cork is a natural material, each product can have slight color, texture, and grain variation
  • This product is handmade in Portugal from sustainably sourced cork, ethically produced, PETA approved vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly

Care Instructions: 

  • Wipe down with a wet cloth
  • Let air dry
  • Not suitable for washing machines

Color: Natural Cork

  • Natural Cork
  • Dark Brown
  • Metallic blue gray
  • Red

Meet our partner Tiradia.

Tiradia’s number one priority is to make a difference in the world. The brand strives to educate consumers on making better choices with their purchases and supporting a more sustainable, mindful lifestyle. All of their products are handcrafted with natural cork that is sustainably sourced in Portugal. When the cork is harvested, cork oak trees are not cut down, instead their bark is carefully stripped away by hand. This skilled trade is passed down over generations and it can only be performed by skilled cork-strippers in order to not hurt the tree. All of their lifestyle products are then handmade with this earth-friendly material by talented seamstresses. Every time you purchase a Tiradia product, you are voting for products that help to improve our planet and planting a tree. 



Meet the craftsman.

This collection of products tells the story of 4 generations of entrepreneurs who have seen cork as a way to generate income by positively impacting the environment.

"Growing up, my dad used to say that the hardest and most fascinating aspect about the cork industry was the extraction itself. All the cork extraction is done manually with traditional tools, minimizing the environmental impact and improving the health of the tree. It takes care, love and many years of experience. Cork is his life’s passion, his happy place. His love for the craft made me fall in love with it too.

Cork also helped me fall in love with the environment, nature and sustainability. It has been in my family for many generations and I am excited to share nature’s gift with the rest of the world." Amanda


Natural cork, Dark brown, Metallic blue gray, Red

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