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hand-embroidered sneakers BALAM - KIDS

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From today we can teach the little ones to take care of the planet and to use accessories that have a positive impact on communities.
Let them proudly wear these beautiful hand-embroidered sneakers by artisans from Chenalhó, Chiapas, with fabric made on a pedal loom by artisans from Granadilla, Chiapas, Mexico.

Size: MX 15 / US 8

  • MX 15 / US 8
  • MX 16 / US 9
  • MX 17 / US 10
  • MX 18 / US 11

Meet our  partner GUIE.

The brand works with several communities of artisans from different parts of Mexico, embodying in each shoe a tradition inherited from generation to generation with different artisanal textile techniques, paying each artisan a fair price for their work. "Through shoes we want to be able to transmit a bit of Mexican culture and that each client has a little piece of Mexico in each shoe."

The artisan

The sneakers are made by 2 communities in Chiapas, mostly women who are given a fair payment for their work, each children learns the artisan textile techniques from of their community which have been inherited from generation to generation, preserving its culture and textile tradition.


Mx 15 / us 8, Mx 16 / us 9, Mx 17 / us 10, Mx 18 / us 11

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