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4 Stories worth your attention

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“We use what we have, the Sisal plant is local to us and from that grew the creativity to create"

Kenya: Basket Weavers of Yatta

East of Nairobi, Kenya lies a small community, Yatta. Located in the arid region of Machakos County, Yatta is the home of our basket weaving artisan partners. Each day, the women gather in small groups to practice the traditional craft of basket weaving. This time-honored process is passed down through generations of women and remains largely unchanged today. The women use fibers of the sisal plant, an abundant local cactus, to meticulously spin then weave each strand. The income generated by these women and their skill helps the Yatta community flourish and grow.

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“I am motivated bt my children, my family. I think that´s true for everyone who works here"

Woodworkers of the Philippines 

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines is a beautifully talented family-run workshop still employing ancient techniques to their acacia wood pieces. Passed down from grandfather to grandchild, the art of carving a wooden shoe or “bakya” influenced their current homewares craft. Thanks to their work, they have become a cornerstone of their community providing training and employment. We also love that this enterprise is run by the women of the family! 

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“I am proud of how we slowly started the journey, with difficulties, and made it to where we are today, working with our hands.”

Kenya Paper Beads: Jarida Crafts

On the Ondiek Estate in Nairobi, Kenya, a passionate group of approximately one hundred artisans gather to create stunningly colorful jewelry. Using a fascinating technique found across Africa, they repurpose old magazines to make beautiful hand rolled lacquer finished beads. Each member is extremely pleased with their work and the process has inspired many to develop their own unique designs ideas.

Artisans of Tanzania

A small group of artisan gather together each day on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania to turn trash into treasure. After collecting bottles from nearby resorts, they use a traditional carving technique (often used on ornate doors) to create a wooden lid to accompany the recycled bottle. They recognize the severe waste problem on their island and are doing their part to solve it. In additional to environmental conservation, they seek to empower their workers, many of whom are women, and create a safe and dignified environment.

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“Our favorite part of the process is that something unique and beautiful, can be made out of waste, the best part is when we assemble the glass with the wood and all of a sudden a beautiful object appears underneath ojur eyes. It makes the staff very proud."

The history behind

Our planet needs us now, we know that every day environmental issues are more complex, excessive consumption and false need make us destroy our planet, large fashion and accessories corporations seek to meet their economic goals regardless of socio-environmental impacts.
In the world there are millions of expert craftsmen, which we have called ARTIGIANOS, who struggle every day to raise awareness of their products to the world and generate income that supports their daily lives, they mostly use natural raw materials, ecofriendly and free of animal-cruelty.
Artigiano is a platform to boost these artisans, we are passionate every day to find experts that make a difference with their products and to make them available to our community of #Changemakers, people like you and us who firmly believe in making a difference on our planet with simple steps and supporting communities. 

Showcase in modern life

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Every day we consume items that destroy our planet, such as single-use bottles or disposable accessories that although they are very economical, generate a much greater impact.

Each of the products found in Artigiano are carefully designed to generate an environmental impact, be of very good quality and preserve the essence of artisanal manufacturing, when you buy one of our products it supports local and rural communities has generated income from their work, supports non-violence against animals and supports to reduce the environmental footprint on our planet .

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