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Natural clay cup and plate - Delek

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Natural color burnished clay flat plate.

Round cup in double-color burnished clay and beeswax.


Plate: Ø  7.68 in x high 0.40 in  //  Ø 19.5 cm x 1 cm de alto 

Bowl: Ø  3.15 in x high 3.15 in  //  Ø 8 cm x 8 cm de alto 


The community:

Made up of 90 artisans. Pottery is the main source of income for this community. Due to the ruggedness of the soil, the lack of water and the scarce production of corn, beans, chili and the essentials to survive, the community obtain their food through the sale and barter of their products.

Burnished clay process:

The production technique is pre-Hispanic, first they look for the clay to mix it with flour and water, then they put it to dry for five days, then it is stirred with water, then they let it rest for 15 days until it becomes clear and smooth to stir it with talc. and start making the pieces.

Burnished is a decorative technique that give a polished and shiny appearance, and a certain tactile softness to the ceramic.




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